Cooling Thermal Spray Applications

Temperature Control for a Thermal Spray Application

Custom Designed Chillers for Cooling Thermal Spray Applications

Thermal spray applications, or plasma sprayer applications, is a coating process in which fine particles of a coating substance are carried in a stream of working gas and sprayed onto the surface of a target component to create a uniform, finished coating. This type of engineered coating provides very high bonding characteristics and surfaces that can offer thermal protection, wear and corrosion resistance as well as resistance to other environmental interaction types. Coating substances can include metals, ceramics, plastics and many other materials.

In addition to its spraying function, the nozzle is used to convert the working gas into plasma, while simultaneously heating the coating material particles to their melting point. These two actions are used to improve bonding characteristics and coating thickness uniformity.

A major challenge of a thermal spray application is the precise control required to keep the spray tip from overheating – which may cause the nozzle to melt – or from over-cooling – which will cause the nozzle to clog or under-heat the coating material thus causing a defective surface. Another challenge is the common use of city water to run the cooling system. City water often includes corrosives or particulates that can damage the cooling system, impair temperature accuracies and result in high maintenance.

In an effort to solve these problems, a plasma spay equipment OEM approached Delta T Systems to improve its system’s performance. Delta T’s standard Variable Speed water chiller series offers many of the features and capabilities required to control spray nozzle temperature accurately. The chillers feature programmable controllers with advanced PID management software, closed loop sensor feedback, and energy efficient, variable speed drives. The totally integrated system is able to maintain the precise temperature needed for thermal spray tips to operate properly on a continuous basis. However, the plasma spray application also included certain other performance criteria that required customization.

Delta T Systems Custom Chiller Designs to the Rescue!

To meet the full design performance requirements, a high pressure, low volume pump was added to the production side of the chiller. All fluid circulation was routed via non-ferrous or stainless piping and heat exchange elements. And deionized water (DI) was used to avoid corrosion to the piping, pumps and valves on the process side. A water / glycol mix may be used for temperatures below 45°F. The custom chillers designed for this application range from 1 to 30 tons.

Delta T Systems is the process temperature control expert that is leading the way with innovative designs and manufacturing. From variable speed air to water cooled portable chillers, Delta T Systems has the industry knowledge to provide high performance process temperature control solutions that will meet unique application requirements.

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