Introducing NanoScreen™ Filtration for Demanding Manufacturing Environments

Delta T Systems now utilizes DTS Dust Guard Condenser filter engineered with BMT NanoScreen™ filtration technology in their temperature control systems. BMT NanoScreen™ is a high-performing functional screen that blocks or restricts a wide spectrum of unwanted airborne particles including pollen and allergens as well as fly ash, agricultural dust, coal dust, bacteria, and droplets carrying many virus particles. A heavy-duty, highly durable, puncture resistant NanoScreen™ technology product designed for any filter screen where a high level of protection is required.

The proprietary BMT NanoScreen™ technology at the core of our DTS Dust Guard Condenser Filter is a defensive barrier to prevent entry of these unwanted airborne particles into the condenser coil or recirculated into plant environments.

Key Product Features

  • 3-layer construction / NanoScreen™ functional core between heavy-duty exterior screen filter faces.
  • Extremely high puncture resistance of 487 Newtons.
  • More than 4 times stronger than a conventional screen filter.
  • Engineered with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology.

Technical Data and Packing

Delta T Systems takes industrial process temperature control very seriously and that extends to the air filtration process. DTS Dust Guard Condenser Filters with NanoScreen™ technology are engineered using advanced nanotechnology filtration design:

  • Blocks or restricts a wide range pollen, allergens, fly ash, agricultural & coal dust, bacteria, and droplets that can carry a range of virus particles.
  • Excellent filtration efficiency engineered to block microscopic airborne particles using a NanoScreen™ mesh range of 20-800 nanometers (0.02 – 0.8 microns).
  • For reference: 1 mm = 1000 microns (μm) / 1 micron = 1000 nanometer.
  • CDC & WHO define the airborne droplets that carry most viruses including COVID-19 in a size range of 5,000-10,000 nanometers and most are unable to pass through the DTS Dust Guard Condenser Filter filtration mesh range.
  • Washable with a gentle flow of water from any garden hose or with a soft rag.
  • Construction = 3-Layer heavy duty PVC-coated exterior face with integrated BMT NanoScreen™ functional filtration core.