Pump Tanks

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Pump tank systems are used in conjunction with cooling equipment including chillers and fluid coolers. Typical pump tank systems include a vented reservoir along with fluid pumps and controls configured to meet process requirements.

Pump tank assemblies improve cooling efficiency because they provide a significant store of cooling fluid to moderate the effect of chiller load fluctuations. They provide a place to monitor water quality and introduce anti-fouling treatments, and in addition, they allow debris to settle out and air to separate from the cooling medium.

Our ability to engineer and manufacture special design Temperature Control Equipment that performs to spec extends to our Custom Pump Tanks.

Pump Tank Features:

  • 275 to 5600 Gallon Reservoirs
  • Pump tanks available in Fiberglass, Polyethylene, Stainless Steel or Steel
  • PLC Control for Easy Operation
  • Non-overloading Centrifugal Pumps with Various Capacities