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Innovation in design and performance are the drivers that make Delta T Systems chillers and process temperature control equipment systems the best technology choice for your application. Our family of standard chillers was the first in the industry to incorporate variable speed drives (VFD), a technology that can reduce energy consumption by over 50%. This VFD technology provides best in class ROIs and industry leading sustainability performance. With the continual increase in remote work, the need for remote management and monitoring of production equipment has evolved rapidly.

Delta T Systems’ chillers and temperature control units (TCUs) were some of the first in the industry to provide full remote access, monitoring and management capabilities. Full web-based capability via ethernet connectivity as well as local factory network interfaces are available for integration into an existing production control system. Design, technology, and performance are often only half of the true requirements for industrial equipment. Delta T Systems prides itself on the high level of support, service, and technical capabilities it offers new and existing customers. From the initial specification process to systems selection or custom design development, clients experience responsive, supportive, and productive interactions in all respects.

Central Chillers

  • All modular units are equipped with variable speed technology for the compressor and condenser fan motor.
  • Up to 14 modular systems can be put in sequence. Each modular unit can be 40, 50 or 60 tons of cooling.
  • Proprietary tank leveling algorithm.
  • The chillers can be air cooled, or water cooled.
  • Capacity ranges from 20 ton to 840 ton of cooling.

Free Cooling System

  • A Free Cooling System is also known as a Dry Cooler or Fluid Cooler
  • Temperature ranges from -10 to 180°F (-12°C to 82°C)
  • Usually, a minimum difference of 10°F (5°C) between ambient air and process temperature is sufficient
  • Small footprint with lift off panels for easy access
  • State of the art controls

DTS Smart Connect™ Software

  • Real time and historical access to all data
  • Access to active alarms and alarm history
  • Adjustment to any parameter settings
  • Program upgrades