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How Does a Free Cooling Chiller Work?

A free cooler uses outdoor air to cool the process fluid in a heat exchanger or air-cooled coil and then the hot process fluid is pumped through a coil located outdoors, and a fan blows ambient air across the coil, which cools the process fluid.

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industrial glycol chiller, glycol chiller system

Glycol Chiller Systems

All of our process chiller systems can use glycol solutions and can be customized for any of our clients’ particular applications. These systems are built to customer specification, with numerous standard features including automated dew point/set point adjustments to avoid condensation.

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precision temperature control industrial processes, precise temperature control

Precision Temperature Control for Industrial Processes

Many industrial process applications are well supported by chiller systems that are accurate to within 3°F. Several modern process cooling applications have much more precise temperature control needs. Applications like laser cutting and medical equipment applications, for example, require chiller systems that are accurate to within 1.0°F or less.

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Industry illustrative graphic

What Is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is going to change the way manufacturers operate their businesses. Originating in the high-tech manufacturing strategy group of the German government, Industry 4.0 is becoming a quasi-standard for future interconnectivity, machine learning and automation.

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thermolator®, what is a thermolator®

What Is A Thermolator?

A Thermolator® is a common name used to describe Temperature Control Units in the plastics industry. Just like facial tissue is often referred to as Kleenex®, TCU’s, chillers, or mold heaters are often referred to as Thermolators®.

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Positive Displacement Pump for Oil Unit

Positive Displacement vs Centrifugal Pump

Often times it is hard to determine when to use a centrifugal pump or a positive displacement pump. Each has its own unique properties with respect to flow rate, pressure, viscosity, and efficiency. What is the difference between a positive displacement pump vs a centrifugal pump?

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cleanroom temperature control, temperature control in cleanrooms

A Clean and Clear Choice

Temperature control systems are used in many areas of manufacturing, including products manufactured in cleanrooms. A cleanroom is an environment that has a controlled level of contamination such as dust and other foreign particles and vapors. In industries like pharmaceutical, medical, food, and beverage; the temperature, humidity, and pressure all play an important role in the overall manufacturing process.

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