Industrial Mixers

Temperature Control for a Mixing Application

Industrial mixers are used in various industries to mix (or blend) products, i.e. food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, rubber, adhesives, pigments, and more. There are two common types of mixers:

Planetary Mixers

Rotary Mixer

Each blade rotates on its own axis, and at the same time on a common axis, thereby providing complete mixing in a very short timeframe.

Banbury Mixers

Inside View of Mixer

Used mainly for compounding or mixing rubber and plastics. The mixer consists of two rotating spiral-shaped blades encased in a housing.

Most mixing processes need precise temperature control of their ingredients by heating, cooling, or a combination of both. For example, some processes require heating up to a set point temperature during the mixing process and then cooling after the ingredients are combined.

Delta T Systems’ temperature control units and chillers are perfect to control the temperature of any mixer or blender. Our industrial mixer temperature control units and chillers are designed to accommodate any size of mixer (from a few gallons to up to several thousand gallons) to insure that your material is produced at the correct temperature.

A mixer or blender is typically located inside a jacketed vessel or tank. Delta T Systems’ temperature control units are connected with pipes or hoses to the vessel or tank and fluid (water or oil) is circulated through the vessel’s walls never mixing with the processes’ ingredients. In some applications, the units can also circulate the fluid through a coil or jacketed pipe that is placed inside the mixer.

The Delta T Systems sizing worksheet to determine the correct heating/cooling requirements for tanks/vessels is located here in our document center.