Cosmetics Manufacturing

cosmetic manufacturing temperature control

Temperature control plays an important role in cosmetics and fragrance manufacturing. Products such as lotions, gels, perfumes, and even lipstick all require a manufacturing process in which materials are heated, cooled, and often molded.

In lipstick manufacturing for example, wax and pigment are combined in a heated jacketed vessel or kettle. The mixture is then agitated to remove trapped air with an industrial mixer. Finally, the batch is poured into tubes or molds and then cooled.

TCU’s or temperature control units like Delta T Systems’ can be used in various stages of lipstick manufacturing as well as other cosmetic processes. Delta T Systems’ temperature control units are often used to heat jacketed vessels as well as molds. Depending on process requirements, Delta T Systems offers both water and oil temperature control equipment that can control process temperatures at a cool 20°F or a steaming 650°F. In addition, Delta T Systems can provide custom solutions such as a stainless steel cabinet, dual zone, remote PLC, and more.