Reactor Temperature Control

Temperature Control for a Reactor Application

Delta T Systems’ temperature control units (TCUs) are used to precisely regulate the temperature of many different industrial processes. Their line of equipment includes water and oil TCUs as well as chillers that are used to maintain a consistent temperature relative to a desired process “set point”. One of the main applications for their equipment is temperature control for chemical reactors. These units are commonly incorporated into systems that are used to combine different chemical elements to create a finished product.

Bulk silicone production is a good example of this kind of reactor-based production system. Maintaining very precise temperature throughout the production process is critical in order to obtain a viable, high-quality finished silicone product.

In this process, a temperature control unit like Delta T Systems’ is connected to a temperature control jacket. The jacket envelops a reactor vessel – called a jacketed vessel – and transfers heat through the vessel wall into the reacting chemical elements inside. This method keeps ingredients at a consistent, highly accurate temperature during the chemical combination process.

Delta T Systems’ closed loop control system with integrated temperature sensors is an ideal solution that can be used to precisely modulate the heat transfer liquid’s heat to match the specified process temperature set point.

Because silicone and adhesive plants, like other industrial process plants run 24/7/365, high quality equipment is essential to minimize downtime. Delta T Systems manufactures all of their equipment in the United States and maintains the highest quality production systems.

If your application requires custom features such as remote process temperature sensing or NEMA 4X electrics and components, let us know. Whether you need reactor temperature control or any other heating or cooling capability, trust Delta T Systems to deliver a high quality temperature controller every time.

Temperature Control System Impacting a Reactor Diagram