Mold Sweat Eliminator

eco series temperature control unit manufactured by Delta T Systems
  • ½ HP Pump w/Capacity of 20 GPM up to 3HP w/Capacity of 60 GPM
  • ½” Solenoid Valve for controlled cooling
  • 15½” W x 20″ D x 14″ H

The plastic injection “mold sweat eliminator” is a single zone, compact temperature control system. It provides turbulent flow water circulation with precise, PID controlled cooling. In combination with a central chiller, the ”mold sweat eliminator” provides precise temperature for each molding machine above dew point to eliminate condensation on the mold. All of this in combination with turbulent flow will substantially increase the cooling capabilities compared with laminar flow or manually throttled water.

Mold Sweat Eliminator Benefits are:

  • Flexible and portable zone control
  • Increased cooling rate
  • No mold or part damage caused by condensation
  • No human error caused by throttling
  • Improved part quality by precise temperature control for the cooling cycle
  • Increased production output by scrap reduction

Standard Features

  • Microprocessor-Based PID Controller
  • Horizontally-Mounted Pump to Promote Extended Seal Life
  • Motor Overload Protection
  • High Pressure Safety Relief Valve Protection
  • Liquid-Filled Delivery and Return Pressure Gauges
  • Fused Transformer
  • Grounded Circuit Control
  • Pilot Lights for power and cooling
  • Rugged, Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Cabinet
  • Ease of Service Design
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Specifications & Wiring in Conformance with NEC Electrical Codes

Optional Features

  • 50 and 60 Hz
  • 208–600V
  • Customer-Preferred Controllers
  • Communications capability with various protocols (i.e. Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, etc)
  • Audible or Visual Alarms
  • Automatic Venting
  • Pump Rotation Indication
  • Larger Solenoid Valves
  • Electrical Main Disconnect
  • Modulating Cooling Valve
  • Multiple Zones in a Cabinet or Open Frame
  • Industrial Grade Casters

Please consult us if other options are desired.

ModelUnit DimensionsTemperature Range (°F)Pump CapacityMotor HP
C-42015.5 X 20 X 14"32-25020GPM@15PSI1/2
C-44015.5 X 20 X 14"32-25030GPM@25PSI1
C-46015.5 X 20 X 14"32-25050GPM@30PSI2
C-47015.5 X 20 X 14"32-25045GPM@50PSI3

temperature control unit pump outlet and flow pressure chart