Pet Food Processing Equipment

pet food processing temperature control units

There are many ways to manufacture kibble and other dry pet food products. The most common method is a process called extrusion. Extrusion was adapted for manufacturing pet food in the 1950’s utilizing the same technology to make popular puffed breakfast cereals.

Process equipment used during the manufacturing of pet food includes: industrial mixers, conveyors, feeders, extruders, drying ovens, and temperature control units like those manufactured by Delta T Systems. Temperature control units are used to heat and/or cool the material itself prior to being fed through the die that is used to shape the material. In many applications, extruded materials pass through a downstream cooling trough that needs to be kept at constant temperature by temperature control units (TCUs). The TCUs monitor and regulate process temperature relative to a specified set point. With water and oil units ranging from 20°F to 650°F, Delta T Systems’ units provide precise and accurate temperature for small and large industrial applications. Delta T Systems also provides custom options like stainless steel and wash down construction for processes part of a sanitary or clean room environment.