Heat/Cool Combination Process Heater and Chiller Systems

dual zone process temperature control heat cool combo chiller

Delta T Systems Combination Process Heater and Chiller Systems are an Industry First in Functionality and Compactness

Delta T Systems is introducing a completely new single and dual zone temperature control heater/chiller combo package. These new units allow manufacturers to implement energy efficient control systems that combine highly efficient variable speed compressors and fan motors with a heating loop to control temperature precisely in a broad variety of production processes.

Fully configurable, compact and easy to use, these new combo units include industry proven controls that can log data, predict future issues and provide the necessary control to allow continued operation at a lower, controlled speed before a mandatory maintenance shutdown is required.

Combo Unit Capabilities:

  • Chillers can be air or water cooled with a capacity of up to 30 tons
  • Heating unit capacity up to 36kw

Key Combo Unit Benefits Include:

  • Integrated system saves space and money: both circuits are contained into a common cabinet.
  • Standard single controller and program capable of controlling two processes at different temperatures and pumping capacities.
  • Precise temperature control within 0.5°F using variable speed compressors, modulating valves, multiple PID control algorithms, and numerous sensors.
  • Can be used in any application where chillers and Temperature Control Units (TCUs) are used in tandem.
  • Chiller temperature ranges from -10 to 100 °F (-12°C to 38°C).
  • TCU temperatures up to 180°F (82°C) for water.
  • Variable Speed chillers can reduce electrical consumption by up to 50% over fixed speed units.
  • Control program comes with all standard features:
    • Adaptive controls
    • Data logging
    • 4-inch touch screen
    • Remote monitoring
    • Industry 4.0 ready

The applications for these unique designs are quite varied and may be implemented anywhere where heating and cooling is needed for the same application. Common applications are in lasers, distillation, converting, food and pharmaceutical industries.