Pharmaceutical Processing

pharmaceutical processing temperature control units

Pharmaceutical product companies use a variety of continuous or batch manufacturing processes to manufacture their products. Extrusion or hot melt extrusion equipment, blenders, mixers, or jacketed vessels are used depending on the final form of the product.  Each of these processes requires heating, cooling or both during manufacturing; and because of the inherent chemical properties of pharmaceuticals, they may be more sensitive to process time and temperature exposure than many other consumable products.

Heating Circulator Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production

A pharmaceutical processing facility achieves uniform blending in large part due to a consistent and accurate product temperature throughout its blending operations. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) often react adversely to temperatures out of a determinate range. Delta T Systems has long been a supplier of these temperature control units to the industry and is known for the precision and repeatability which are essential to creation of a quality product.

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Cooling Solutions for Pharmaceutical Production

For extrusion or hot melt extrusion of pharmaceutical products, auxiliary downstream cooling equipment is needed.  It is common for post extrusion handling to be performed with chill rolls which cool and collect extruded film ribbons or control the viscosity of the melt. In these cases, Delta T Systems’ line of chillers are used to ensure proper temperature control so mixing consistency is assured.

Delta T Systems’ pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing customers prefer our line of TCUs or circulating baths because they are designed to maintain temperature set points very precisely, often to within ±0.5° F (0.25°C).

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