Temperature Control Systems

The true measure of WATER or OIL circulating temperature control systems is the accuracy and consistency of the heat exchange they deliver. But users also have to consider energy consumption, efficiency and unit maintainability when considering implementation of a temperature control unit in their industrial process.

Delta T Systems’ unique focus on these process temperature control systems has resulted in a broad range of standard water and oil temp control units, as well as an unparalleled capability in the special design area. In addition, our temperature regulators are equipped with ‘off-the-shelf’ components and controls so you won’t be held hostage to proprietary, single source replacement.

Oil Circulating Temperature Control

T Series

Hot Oil Unit

  • 12 – 360 KW Heater
  • Maximum Operation Temperature of 550°F (288°C)
  • 10 to 24 GPM Pumping Capacity
  • Heating Only or Heating and Cooling Capabilities