Stacked Unit - Eco Series

stacked temperature control unit

The Eco Series water temperature control system is our most popular TCU. The new pump design is compliant with the DOE Energy Conservation Standards. These pumps produce higher outputs measured in flow and pressure compared to the existing design. In addition, the energy consumption is significantly reduced.

These Units can be Stacked 2 or 3 High

  • ¾ to 3 HP Pump, 25 to 130 GPM
  • 9 to 24KW Low Watt Density Heater
  • Dual or triple Zone TCU with small footprint
  • Each unit offers indirect cooling up to 4.0 sqft. heat exchangers
  • Offered with common water supply inside the cabinet to save space
  • Common electrical supply possible depending on heating capacity
  • Rebuilt kit available to separate the units if needed in the future
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Eco Series Safety Features:

  • Bi-metal switch that prevents overheating
  • Circuit protection for the motor
  • High temperature pump seal
  • Dry run protection for the heater

Additional Eco Series Design Improvements:

Design improvements and material selections make the Eco Series temperature control units less susceptible to traditional maintenance problems, and easier to maintain.

  • Industrial strength frame and cabinetry
  • Lift-off panels for easy access
  • IEC and UL compliant components
  • Compact heater design allows higher capacity in a smaller footprint