Thermoforming Plastics

thermoforming temperature control units

Delta T temperature control units are used to control the temperature of dies and molds in plastic processing. Plastic processes include injection molding, blow molding, and thermoforming. Thermoforming is a manufacturing process where plastic sheets are heated to a pliable temperature. The stretched plastic is then formed inside a mold to create a usable product. Sometimes, a vacuum is used to help the forming process, when parts have deep or complex shapes. This is known as vacuum thermoforming.

Thermoforming is used to manufacture items, big and small. From disposable cups to vehicle dash panels, thermoforming is a widely used plastic fabricating process. Thermoforming is known for its low tooling and engineering costs, making it ideal for prototype development and low-volume production.

Common Thermoforming Applications:

  • Tools, Dies, and Molds
  • Co-Extrusion

What Some of Our Customers are Doing:

  • Cable Tie Manufacturing
  • Food/Plastic Pack