What Is A Thermolator?

thermolator®, what is a thermolator®

A Thermolator® is a common name used to describe Temperature Control Units in the plastics industry. Just like facial tissue is often referred to as Kleenex®, TCU’s, chillers, or mold heaters are often referred to as Thermolators®.

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process in which parts or products are produced by injecting various plastic materials into molds. Thermolators® or temperature control units are used to preheat and keep the molds at a temperature set point by circulating coolant (water or oil) through the molds. Our temperature control equipment is designed and tested for use in most industrial environments to control process temperatures from 20°F up to 650°F. Industries include: die casting, food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical, thermoforming, and more.

Temperature control units like Delta T Systems are instrumental for improved parts, quality, and high cycle times. Consider Delta T System’s high quality American made temperature control units to control your industrial process.

Thermolator® is a registered trademark owned by Conair Group, Inc.