Temperature control systems for the automotive industry

Automotive component manufacturers employ many different methods to produce the great variety of parts that make up the sub-assemblies and final assemblies that go into finished cars. Many of these methods such as die casting, extrusion, molding and batch mixing depend on Temperature Control Units (TCUs) and Industrial Process Chillers to control process temperatures throughout each production cycle.

In some instances such as batch production, maintaining a constant temperature throughout the entire process is the key function to be performed. In other instances, such as molding or die casting, rapidly reducing temperature following the injection of a hot material into a die is the main task of the chiller. Finally managing a variable temperature profile throughout a production cycle may be the main process control requirement.

Delta T Systems manufactures equipment that is designed to control process temperatures in each of these three different application types. Our range of TCUs and industrial chillers can handle temperatures from -10°F up to 550°F (-23°C to 288°C). Each unit incorporates a closed loop control system with the most recent software and hardware. Leading edge algorithms are used to manage temperatures within a specified range, or a specified set point.

Our leading edge chiller product line was the first in the industry to incorporate variable speed drives, which can reduce energy consumption and costs by up to 50%. The units offer extremely precise temperature control from -10°F (-23°C) to 100°F (38°C).

All Delta T Systems TCUs and chillers are instrumental in improving finished part quality and help deliver high cycle times.

The Automotive Industry can Benefit from these Systems in the Following Applications:

  • Molding plastic components such as bumpers and knobs
  • Die casting aluminum wheels
  • Mixing adhesives and sealants
  • Extruding cable ties
  • Blow molding fuel tanks and steering wheels
  • Rubber molding for gaskets, seals and tires

Delta T Systems temperature control systems also can be customized to fit other needs. Whether a large multi zone unit is needed or a remote controller is required to fit tight physical spaces, Delta T Systems can provide a heating or process cooling unit that meets a broad spectrum of conditions.