Precision Temperature Control for Industrial Processes

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Many industrial process applications are well supported by chiller systems that are accurate to within 3°F. Several modern process cooling applications have much more precise temperature control needs. Applications like laser cutting and medical equipment applications, for example, require chiller systems that are accurate to within 1.0°F or less. To experience the highest level of precision for these applications you need Delta T Systems.

Delta T Systems variable speed chillers are the most precise industrial process chillers in the industry and allow temperature control to within 0.5°F (or 0.28°C). Additionally, depending on the process, steady state temperatures can be controlled to within 0.1°F (or 0.06°C). All of our chillers can match your cooling demand so precisely because of several features that can be found on every unit.

Variable Speed Compressor

The variable speed compressor allows the chiller to operate effectively between 10% and 100% of rated capacity. These brushless DC variable-speed compressors adjust to prevent over-cooling. This results in an energy savings of 30% to 50% of the initial investment.

Variable Speed Fan Motor

Our air-cooled chillers also feature variable-speed fan motors. The speed of these motors varies to match compressor load requirements, which leads to more energy savings.

Dew Point Control

Useful in highly controlled environments, dew point control monitors the process water temperature as well as the ambient temperature and humidity to prevent ‘sweating’. Sweating is when machines begin to have water condense on their outer surfaces.

Electronic Expansion Valve

The electronic expansion valve of each chiller features an electronic actuator that allows for extremely small graduations thus allowing the valve to meter the exact amount of refrigerant required for each cooling load.

Additional Precise Temperature Control Features

  • Precision temperature and pressure sensors that monitor:
    • Refrigerant suction and discharge temperatures and pressures
    • Inlet and outlet water temperatures and pressures
    • Tank level
    • Ambient temperature
    • Humidity
  • Proprietary control algorithm on all chillers allows us to utilize the variable speed technology and precision sensors to operate our chillers at their most efficient point.

Delta T Systems chillers provide your application with precise solutions and rock-solid temperature stability.

Please take a moment to download our technical specifications or, if you are ready to discuss your precision temperature control needs and goals with our experts, please contact us or request a quote today!