Glycol Chiller Systems

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All of our process chiller systems can use glycol solutions and can be customized for any of our clients’ particular applications. These systems are built to customer specification, with numerous standard features including automated dew point/set point adjustments to avoid condensation.

How is Glycol Used in Industrial Processes?

Inhibited glycol is the main type of glycol used for industrial processes, especially in the food industry. The use of inhibited glycol allows for two main benefits:

  1. Antifreeze
  2. Corrosion prevention

Glycol as Antifreeze

Glycol’s most common use in a process chilling system is as an antifreeze, which allows chiller system operation below the freezing point of water at 32°F (0°C). The addition of glycol to the process fluid lowers the freezing point. The lower operating temperature also results in a faster heat transfer process.

These glycol-circulating systems are mainly used for temperature control of jacketed vessels, tanks, mixers, reactors and blenders. Delta T Systems temperature control equipment is connected to these systems and provides exact heating and/or cooling throughout the industrial process.

Common Food and Beverage Sectors that use Glycol as Antifreeze in Temperature Control Systems Include:

  • Breweries
  • Wineries
  • Cider mills
  • Distilleries

Glycol Chillers are Commonly Used for:

  • Fermentation process control
  • Cold storage
  • Cooling vessels
  • Prepackaging
  • Wort cooling

Glycol for Corrosion Prevention

Glycol used in process chiller systems commonly contains inhibitors to protect against rust and corrosion, as well as pH buffers and biocide to protect against scale formation and bacterial growth. When properly used with inhibitors glycol can prevent costly corrosion in heat transfer systems. This can also help extend the life of process chiller system components.

Glycol Process Chiller

Making sure your process temperature control unit is circulating the proper fluid for your needs is just part of maximizing the overall performance and quality of the temperature control of your industrial process.

Also consider how the chiller will be used. Our glycol chiller systems are available in all sizes, from smaller portable systems to large 4-circuit packaged chillers. We also offer modular chillers with up to 5 packaged chillers in a series.

Portable Glycol Chiller

Portable glycol chillers are best used to cool one or two machines. These smaller units, mounted on casters, are favored for flexibility. They can roll from application to application, or be dedicated to cool a single process or machine as part of a manufacturing cell. All Delta T Systems chillers feature energy-saving variable-speed compressors that operate between 10% and 100% of rated capacity. Our portable chillers are available as air-cooled or water-cooled units, and are among the most efficient industrial process chillers on the market.

Packaged Glycol Chiller

Our packaged glycol chillers are available as 40, 50 or 60 ton systems. These chillers also have energy-saving variable-speed compressor and condenser fans for higher efficiency, reliability and quieter operation. These units offer 50% energy savings over conventional hot-gas bypass systems. The energy savings means they can pay for themselves in less than 3 years. As with all our units, they are available with a glycol cooling solution engineered to meet your specific needs.

For 30 years, Delta T Systems has been manufacturing temperature control units and industrial process chiller systems. Our team of knowledgeable engineers can help with temperature control solutions for any industrial process requiring the use of a glycol chiller system.

To discuss your particular temperature control needs and goals with our experts, request a quote or contact us today!