Pulp & Paper Processing

pulp & paper processing temperature control units

Temperature control units are used in the pulp and paper industries to control the temperature of the process rolls used during manufacturing.  In pulp and paper processing, efficiency and reliability are crucial to controlling expenses because they help reduce the amount of energy required by critical processes. Delta T Systems is known for their high quality systems that preform to spec and help businesses run at a more efficient and profitable rate.

Delta T Systems’ temperature control units can be used to heat or chill the rolls depending on the material that the manufacturing process requires. For most roll applications, temperature control units pass circulated liquid between two shells to heat the rolled material to a specific temperature. Depending on the application or materials, a water temperature control unit can be used for processes ranging from 20°F to 250°F. For processes that require higher temperatures, a heat transfer fluid such as Paratherm® is used in a Delta T Systems’ hot oil unit. For processes requiring a chilled roll, Delta T Systems can provide a process chiller that can cool the process to a low 20°F.