Injection Molding

injection molding temperature controller, injection molding temperature control units

Injection molding temperature controllers or temperature control units, are commonly used in the plastic injection molding industry. Injection molding is a manufacturing process in which parts or products are produced by injecting various plastic materials into molds. Pelletized, raw plastic material is fed through a hopper into a heated barrel with a reciprocating screw. Molds can be of a single cavity or multiple cavities. Depending on the size of the cavities and the dimension of the mold, more than one temperature control unit like Delta T Systems’ may be needed for precise temperature control.

The melted material is forced into the preheated mold where the material solidifies. Temperature control units are used to preheat the mold and then to keep the mold at the temperature set point by circulating coolant (water or oil) through the mold.

The coolant absorbs heat from the mold (which has absorbed heat from the hot plastic) and keeps the mold at proper temperature to solidify the plastic.

Delta T Systems’ precise temperature control units are instrumental for improved parts, quality, and high cycle times.