Chillers For Plastic Injection Molding

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Up to 50% Energy Savings and Closer Temperature Control

The most efficient industrial process chiller on the market will be launched by Delta T Systems in July of 2017. The new line will start with small portable chillers of 1 to 15 tons, with larger portable and central models to follow thereafter. These units are loaded with features that are either “firsts” in the field of process chilling, or still quite rare for smaller chillers, or standard capabilities that are usually expensive options. Foremost among these is variable-speed compressor technology, used for 20 years in the HVAC industry but reportedly never before in process chilling.

The system monitors the process temperature and signals the drive to speed up or slow down the compressor. It does away with wear and tear of on/off cycling of the compressor or wasteful hot-gas bypass valves. Compared with conventional fixed-speed compressors, the new technology uses 30% to 50% less energy, according to Delta T Systems, and pays for itself in two to three years. (The savings are analogous to those from variable-speed hydraulic pump drives vs. standard fixed-speed pumps in molding machines).

Other special features include variable-speed condenser fans with permanent-magnet motors, oversized evaporators, electronic expansion valve, compressor soft start, controls with extensive data-collection, and remote-communication option for Industry 4.0. Together, these features are said to provide unusually tight temperature control of ±0.5° F.