Lasers and Chillers, A Cool Combination that Improves Accuracy

Industrial Laser Head Cooling

Industrial lasers come in many varieties such as fiber, CO2 and Ion lasers. These powerful lasers are typically used for cutting, welding, machining or drilling through tough materials like steel. When used, industrial lasers generate a significant amount of thermal energy. For lasers to have the best long-term performance, the thermal energy needs to be quickly transferred away from the process. Convection is the primary mode of heat transfer and a heat transfer fluid (usually water) is commonly used. The fluid must have precise temperature control and that is usually accomplished by routing the fluid through an industrial laser chiller or central cooling system.

Industrial laser chillers like Delta T Systems are designed with the needs of a customer’s specific application in mind. Chillers available in water and air cooled models as well as portable and central style chillers, Delta T Systems can cool an industrial laser process from 0°F to 80°F (-18°C to 27°C). Delta T Systems can engineer chillers to handle multiple zones of temperature control, while providing significant energy savings between 30% and 50% of the initial investment.

Likewise, the requirements for any industrial laser systems are accuracy and repeatability. Delta T Systems chillers operate in a tight temperature window within ±0.5 F. Choosing Delta T Systems for your industrial laser cooling means you are selecting the most efficient industrial process laser chiller on the market. With state of the art, adaptive controls and remote communication options, these chillers are Industry 4.0 ready. Contact Delta T Systems today to obtain a quotation.