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temperature control systems In distillation

Temperature Control Plays an Important Role in Chemical Processing

Delta T Systems’ temperature control units play an important role in a variety of chemical processes. Important applications include temperature control of Process Vessels used for storage, dispensing, mixing and chemical reaction processes. Delta T Systems’ units control the set point temperature of these different types of vessels in manufacturing environments that include cosmetics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Pope Scientific, Inc., a major manufacturer of chemical process equipment including process vessels, wiped film stills and evaporators, and fractional and hybrid distillation systems, is a longtime user of Delta T Systems’ temperature control units. When recently asked “What keeps Delta T Systems’ temperature control units the number one choice for controlling the temperatures of your process vessels?” Dean Segal, VP Sales, replied, “We’ve found Delta T Systems’ units to be excellent, highly functional and reliable, and definitely the kind of products we can count on for many of our applications including vessels, reactors, evaporators and distillation systems.” 

Pope Scientific often uses multiple temperature control units to cool or heat their vessels at different stages in the production process. Segal mentioned that they typically use Delta T Systems’ water temperature control units for processes that do not exceed 250°F; but for processes that require control at higher temperatures, Delta T Systems’ hot oil units are used instead.

Delta T System’s temperature control systems can be customized to fit the many needs of its customers. Whether a stainless steel wash down cabinet is needed for a sanitary process or a remote controller is required to fit tight physical spaces, Delta T Systems can provide a heating or cooling unit that meets a broad spectrum of environmental conditions.